Monday, March 11, 2013

LiveFit 12 Week Challenge



I've been looking for a good challenge to do for quite a while.

After my weight loss challenge--the biggest, and forever ongoing life challenge yet,-- I challenged myself to not only complete a half marathon, but to not stop running no matter what time I got. 
Thank goodness for the training guide they gave us because guess what, I finished that baby, non-stop, in under 2 hours! 

After that my challenge was to stay fit and healthy for my wedding, which I believe I did. :)

But since then, nothing really. Just healthy eating, and blogging. 

So now this. I am a huge fan of They have tons of great resources for all body types and personal fitness goals--not just bulking up! 

I love their nutrition guides, recipe forums, and fitness programs.

So here I am. 
Day one of Phase one.

About the Program:  
Created by Jamie Eason

The program's focus: Healthy Muscle Building and Clean Eating.

For the muscle building she has you perform ~ 1hr to 1 1/2 hrs  worth of strength training exercises. To start, 3 sets and 12 reps of each workout; 60 sec rest between each one.  This fluctuates as you go through the  three phases, decreasing reps because you are increasing weights and you eventually add cardio.
Each day you focus on a different muscle group and build your up your strength. 

For me, since phase one has no cardio I think it will be the hardest. But that's the challenge, right?

Along with the workout  she provides you with a daily workout/weight lifting routine along with a meal guide: 6 meals a day (pretty normal for me!)  
I say guide because it truly is just a guide. She tells you to eat a certain amount of protein, starch, and veggies each meal but it's your choice of what to eat. 
She does provide a "approved" clean eating food list with the measurements of the the foods that you should choose from, but you have to know how to put meals together yourself-- A daunting task for many, a foodie adventure for me. 

I've decided for my own sanity, that I will do the workouts 100% but I will only use her meal plan as a guideline for my diet. I have been eating 1200 calories for so long it scares me to increase my calories but I will do so so that I can increase my muscle mass. So I've ventured between 1400-1500 calories daily, uping my protein intake from 65-70 to 100-120g and just hope it all works out. 

Either way I think this will be a great challenge. I want to focus on becoming a stronger woman, and if you've ever seen Jamie Eason-- Google image her---she is the girl to follow. 

I will be posting weekly and sometimes bi weekly about the program to keep my self accountable as well has a have an accurate log of my progress. 

If you are interested in the program or want to start yourself here is the link:

12 weeks. Here we go! 

each post includes workout and eating tips


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