Hello Friends,  

I am so glad and excited you've come to my corner of the blogging world. 
I'll be quick so you can continue exploring.

Who am I?

Great question! My name if Felisha and I currently live in the mid-west. I am a Southern Californian by heart--raised there most of my life, but I got married after college and my husband I found ourselves out here for Seminary!
MDIV baby! 
(Masters of Divinity...sounds cool right? It is. He is.)
Our wedding day!

It is sure different out here, but its growing on us. 

So why a foodie?

Well, since 2009 I have been on a mission to loose weight. I weighed 180lbs--yup at the start of that summer and was determined to find a healthy life changing way to do it. 

So I started exercising...no big secret...but it was the KEY. 
I also had to learn how to re-eat. 
I learned portion control, calorie intake and burn, as well as explored new foods and recipes. 
It took 3 years to hone it in but through it all I lost 47lbs (133lbs!) and changed my life for ever. 
  My Journey

Thanks to this change, I fell in LOVE with food. 
Once I learned how it affected my body and all the amazing and delicious ways it could prepared to help my body, I was hooked. 

Why blog about it?

Motivation and self discipline are  key components of my new lifestyle.  So who couldn't stay on track when you know others are watching/reading?...thus the blogging began. 

I loved the open doors it provided me, the new and amazing people I've met, and the unbelievable amount of support. 

So you've met your goals, now what?

I want to share my knowledge with others by giving little  pushes in the direction of healthy living through recipes and fitness tips and tricks.  

There is NO one way fits ALL
just people like you and me, 
giving and receiving encouragement 
until the change becomes a part of who you are. 


I wish you all the luck and hope you learn something awesome on this humble blog. 

Feel free to contact me anytime with any questions, suggestions, or responses to my blogs.

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