Saturday, March 30, 2013

LiveFit Phase 1 Wk 3


Week three was harder mentally than anything else.

 I just had a lot going on and was tired after almost everyday after work--the time I go to the gym-- that the gym just didn't seem to be my friend. I did do every workout to its fullest and always felt satisfied with my work so that is check off the list. 
I did, however, mess up my workout schedule because I didn't notice until Thursday that the amount of rest days was reduced to 2 from 3 so I had to workout on Saturday (a day I normally don't) because I took off Wednesday. 

It wasn't too bad. The gym, at least the weights section, was pretty bare so I had the weights station to myself for the most part. 

My body? Still feeling amazing. I love eating, period. And the fact that I get to eat a lot on this program is a bonus. I still watch the amounts I consume caloric wise;  approx 1300-1450 cals with 130-135g being protein, but my body is responding really well. 

This week's body part that I noticed change is the inner part of my thigh. I've always had bigger legs, even with the unhealthy weight gone, they just got big in muscle instead of fat...anyways, us bigger legged woman--You know that part that touches together at the top of the inner thigh, well mine has shrunken a lot over the last year but has not completely stopped touching together when standing feet close together, until now! It's pulled in and looking great!!!! It must have been those wide legged bar bell squats....OUCH. 

Strength Training Tip: 
  • When weight training providing your body with maximum nutrition is key. It is highly encouraged to take a daily multivitamin, a fatty oil (fish or flaxseed), extra calcium if needed. These are to make sure you body is fully equip to build and rebuild lean muscle while maintaining a healthy balance everywhere else.

Food wise, I have some awesome recipes that have been coming out on my blog: quinoa pizza bites with turkey pepperoni, turkey balls, chicken stuffed sweet potato, and  tuna cakes. Many more to follow. 

I am also still working on that high protein meal post with pictures and recipes posted all in one location for easy access. It's coming, I promise. 

Food tip: 

  • Don't think Chicken, Turkey and Fish are your only healthy meat protein options. Feel like a steak? Go for it!  There are some great nutritional value in lean red meat. 
Some options: 
  • London broil
  • Top round
  • Plank/skirt steak
  • Pork chops 
  • Bison 
  • Other game meat.

If you would like to read more about the LiveFit 12 Week challenge and my previous week  results
I am excited to start week 4 just to say I made it a whole month on the program.  

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