Saturday, March 23, 2013

LiveFit Phase1 Wk2




Week 2 done. 

Feeling awesome. 

Not going to lie, tired!

I literally had to take a power nap in the gym parking before going in... yes, I did that.

This week Jamie Eason's program has you work out 4 days and rest 3. She has them set up on a calendar to be back to back with 3 rest days but I found I like taking one of the three rest days during the week. 
This week I worked out Monday-Wednesday, Rested Thursday, Worked-out Friday, and  now off for 2 days. 
Perfect for me because we have a snow storm coming in just for the weekend so I can enjoy being off and not worrying about getting to the gym!

So what's happened so far to my body? 
I can eat lots of protein and not feel sick, I feel stronger--I upped my weights in a few areas, but most of all my stomach is tighter!

I have a soft tummy, not going to lie, but man this week I noticed it was pulling in and lookin' good.

Week weight lifting total: 28,398lbs!!!!
378 more than last week . yes. 

Weight lifting advice:  
  • Form is everything. Take the time to learn the correct form and body posture to maximize your results. 
  • has a video for pretty much every workout out there. Educate yourself.

As for food this week: I've created some amazing, high protein salads!

I am working on post dedicated to my high protein creations that will include their ingredients so you can enjoy them as well. Keep posted!

For now, here is some food advice:

  •  Find protein in other things besides meat: black beans, chickpeas, avocados, quinoa, greek yogurt, and cottage cheese just to name a few of my favorites; Have fun and be creative.
These will keep you full and add variety to your meals.

If you would like to read more about the LiveFit 12 Week challenge and my previous week  results

See you next week!


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