Saturday, March 16, 2013

LiveFit Phase1 Wk 1 End

I made it through the first week! 

After a few days of eating high protein my stomach feels much better and as a whole, I actually I feel better. I feel more energized, and best of all, I NEVER feel hungry after meal! 

Even though I have done strength training through the majority of my weight loss journey I am quite sore from these workouts. They are no joke and I am thankful. 

I feel confident at the gym lifting the weights and I am proud of myself for pushing myself to lift even heavier weights. 

The total weight lifted for the week was 28,020 lbs!
Feeling like a beast

As the week progressed I found myself eating about 1300-1350 cals a day and within that I was averaging anywhere between 120-130g of protein daily.

My diet mostly includes: 
Protein shakes (body bi vi)
homemade protein bars, 
turkey balls
lots of turkey breast, 
hard boiled eggs (1 a day), 
cottage cheese,
greek yogurt, 
brown rice, 
and LOTS and LOTS of veggies. 

I did go out to Olive Garden with my husband and got a chicken entree and ate all the chicken, half the pasta, and lots of salad on the side. 
I share this with you, because even if you are following the planed out diet to a "T," she generally only gives you the amount of the food you should eat so you have the ability to get creative and eat any type of food you want.  So as long as you are getting 6oz of lean protein, 1 portion of a starch and unlimited veggies you can eat anywhere and anything. Enjoy it!

The following are my body measurements, I will post these again at the end of phase one and continue after each phase for comparison:

  • Weight: 139lbs
  • Body fat: 24%
  • Chest: 34 in
  • Arms 11.3 in
  • Hips 36.50 in
  • Waist 33.50 in
  • Calves: 15 in
  • Forearms: 8 in
  • Shoulders: 40.5 in
  • Neck: 12 in

I am feeling great right now, enjoying my rest days but ready for week two!

 My new mantra:


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