Monday, April 8, 2013

LiveFit Phase 1 Week 4

I MADE IT! Phase 1 of 3 complete!

I am so happy and proud of myself. I made it an entire month with no-cardio, a huge feat for this cardio addict. But I feel amazing. In fact This is the best i've felt, ever!

I'll be posting my results from Phase 1 in different post since I want these posts to be focused on each particular week, just for my personal reference. But stay tuned!

How was week 4? Long.

Seriously, this week dragged on for me; workouts included.
I loved everything we were doing but I felt like it was taking more time to do a set than normal.
But I again, completed every work out and will now enjoy this 2 day break before I began the next phase which includes cardio!

Weight Lifting total: 31,260lbs!!!

Impressive: I know. For this final week I upped my weight sets by 5-10lbs  and even though I was quite sore--a feeling I have a love/hate relationship with--i felt very strong. 

Weight Lifting Tip: Unsure when to up your weight? 

Here is a simple guideline; If you can complete one set of 12 with ease and in perfect form it's time to up your weights. If you do up your weights say from a 15 to a 20, and you are half way through the rep with the 20lb but can no longer complete the rep in proper form, switch back to the lower 15lb weight and finish the rep. It will take your body time to build the strength to hold the 20 for the entire rep but you also don't want to over work your body and hurt yourself. Remember form is everything!

Food wise I felt like I was all over the place. I didn't have a food prep day so I was always running around trying to figure out what to have to equal 6oz of meat. 
I ate 2 meals of Tuna , cooked 4 chickens breasts (for 2 meals) , and cooked some ground turkey which made it into one meal and I have yet to comsume the other. 

Some things I made: Tuna cakes, Tuna sandwich, Chicken salad with rice cakes, Fiesta Chicken salad, Ground turkey with brown rice and broccoli. 

I still have a healthy shake for breakfast, usually a hard boiled egg and a homemade protein bar for snack, lunch, veggies with either hummus or cottage cheese for snack, dinner, and some high protein dessert: protein cake, chocolate protein shake, greek yogurt with cinnamon, vanilla, and banana. Yummy!

Food Tip: Meal prep! 

It's hard, I'm not going to lie, especiallly if you are not a single person becuae I am also trying to figure out what I can make that my husband might want too! But it is key. If any thing get those snack prepped for the week. I hard boil my eggs, make my protein bars, and prep my veggies on Sundays so that during the week I can just grab them and go. 

I am sooo excited, and a littler nervous to start Phase 2. There are some changes in the diet and as mentioned before, in the workout out--cardio! 

I'm looking forward to posting my End of Phase 1 Results. Coming soon! 

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