Tuesday, April 23, 2013

LiveFit Phase 2 Week 6


This is the half way mark!

 6 Weeks DONE!
 6 Weeks to Go!

Other than that, honestly, not much. 
 I felt a little drag this week but I kept going. 
I will finish strong. 

The cardio became something I looked forward to and I'm feeling great body-wise. 

Body part of notice: My neck. 
Oddly enough I am gaining muscle there and I think it makes my face look leaner...
...if that is possible. 


Weight Lifting Tip: 
Less weights more reps vs heavier weight less reps.
  •  Truthfully, they work hand in hand if combined in a proper sequence. I have read article after article where these two statements hash it out  ...."lift lighter for more reps for leaner muscle, no, lift heavier for less reps for lean muscle"; but really it's just working your muscle groups in a verity of sequence that will give you the ultimate lean muscles. 
  • Don't be afraid to lift heavy, in fact it stimulates the muscles in a positive way. 
  • With that said, don't over do it. Add a few lighter sets into your workout to work form, and keep your body from over exertion.  

Food Tip: 

More is better. 

  • When I first started my weight loss journey I bought into the lie that I needed to eat less to weight less. It worked for awhile, but then I plateaued, then I had to do some crazy meal shake diet which was all just a temporary fix and I never felt right.  Thankfully,  my knowledge of healthy and wellness expanded and I learned that if I ate more, and more frequently while maintaining a healthy workout regimen I was actually feeling better and loosing weight and keeping it off.  This was huge for me because I LOVE FOOD. Seriously, I love it, which is 80% of the battle; luckily I learned out to use and eat it to help me get healthy. 
Think of it this way.
  •  Food is fuel. Eat often--every 2-3 hours--and you're keeping a full tank, and your body is constantly  working to digest it into energy to keep you moving. Bingo! Weight loss, more efficient digestion, and a more satisfied you. 
  • Eat more--instead of 3 big meals have 3 medium meals and 3 small meals--(notice I am not saying snacks, but meals) to supply your body with the proper nutrients and energy for those workouts you have planed. Our bodies need energy to burn energy so fuel up before and after those workouts, optimizing you body's use of food. 
Here's to 6 more weeks! 

Want to read more and see my progress? 
CLICK HERE and scroll down.  

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