Wednesday, May 1, 2013

LiveFit Phase 2 Week 7

Phew! This week FLEW by. 

I have been so busy, that that days just seem to blur together! 

I didn't add up my weekly weight total because I just didn't have time. But I know I upped my weights yet again and she was not kidding when she said we would be sore because she up the set total from 3-4. 

Body part of notice, my thighs! 
I have always been self conscious of my legs because they are big. I have come to terms with this over the years and when I was heavy into running they became big in a lean muscle way. However, thanks to this program, I have the beginnings of beautiful definition. Like GOOD LOOKIN' definition that you know you admire from a far in the gym in really buff people....I've started that... be jealous!

Weight Training Tip: Squats!
One of the most effective full body weight training exercise out there are weighted squats.  Most people think that they are just a leg exercise but if you are performing them with the proper form you will know right away you are using your entire body to do the exercise. 
Don't let the weight intimidate you and give it try with these great instructions from 

How to Squat
The Squat Setup
  • Approach the rack with the bar at approximately mid-chest height.
  • Move under the bar and place it on your back. Hold the bar in place with your hands.
  • Stand with and even stance. Your feet should be shoulder width apart with your feet facing out at a 30 degree angle.
  • Lift the bar out of the rack and take ONLY one step back. Take a big breath. Tense your entire body. Squat.
Squatting Down
  • Start from the hips – Bend at your hips and sit back into the squat. Imagine you are sitting down on a seat. The hips joint should always bend before your knees.
  • Check your knees – Keep your knees out. Your knee joints should be pointing in the same direction as your feet all the way down. If your knee buckle in it normally means that the weight is too heavy.
  • Keep your weight back – Keep your weight distributed towards your heel.
  • Go all the way down – You should always aim to squat to at least parallel. Meaning, your hip joint needs to be at least parallel with your knee joint. This is incredibly difficult to judge yourself, even with the aid of a mirror. Ask someone else to assess your depth either in the gym or by video taping.
  • Think about squatting up - On the way down think about squatting up. This will help to prepare your brain and make the upward movement easier.
Squatting Up
  • Bounce off the bottom – At the bottom position of the squat your hip muscles should be tight – storing energy. Use this energy to help you bounce out of the bottom of the squat. Ensure that you are bouncing off the hips – not the knees.
  • Focus on your glutes – When powering up out of the squat concentrate on squeezing your glutes together.
  • Drive your hips up – Most of the power for the squat comes from the hips. Drive the hips in an upward motion.
Racking the bar
  • Step forward. Ensure that your bar is over the pins before lowering the weight.


I am finding it hard to eat a mid-afternoon 'meal' that includes 6 oz or meat and a carb because I have a desk job, and for lunch I can leave and it's no problem whipping out that meat, but mid-afternoon, I'm still at a desk and whipping out 6oz of meat is pretty odd. 

So I normally try and make  meal with equivalent protein. 
Some examples of this would be: 
  • a pita filled with 2 tbs of almond butter mixed with 1 tbs plain greek yogurt, and 1 tsp honey and half of a banana paired with lots of veggies. 
  • 1/2 cup cottage cheese with lots of veggies and some rice cakes, 
  • a protein shake with some rice cakes.
  • 1 oz of Almonds and veggies
Any other ideas? I would love to hear them! 

I have been sticking to the no starchy carb for dinner and after though. So I'm proud of that. 

About to start the last week of phase 2: Week 8 and I know I've got this! 

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