Thursday, May 23, 2013

LiveFit Phase 2 Results



Wow, What a phase. 

I really didn't think there was much change besides me just upping my weights with more ease, but if you look at where I started things are looking good.

Everything is a little more 'pulled' in, which is always a plus. 

My measurements are what tell the truth and honestly, nothing drastic except in my waist which I am very thankful for:
 2.5 inches 


Chest increased :  35in to 35.3in
Arms increase:   12in to 12.2in
Hips decrease:  36.5in to 36in
Waist decrease: 33.5in to 31in
Thighs increase:  22in to 23in
Calves increase: 14.7in to 15in
Forearm increase:  8.5 in to 8.8in
Shoulders increase  42.5in to 43in

Anything fantastic in this phase? Not really.
 I just really focused on the diet because it switched up a bit. 

No more "carbs" for dinner, instead you have 3rd full serving of carbs  with your small meal; mid-afternoonish. 
This made me really think outside of the box when it came to making dinner. 

For most of my life dinner meant: pasta, breads, rice, potatoes, etc. but it had to quickly become, salad, veggies, kale chips, and more salad paired with LOTS OF PROTEIN! 

 I also had to think about last meal as well. I have yet to have 5 egg whites for my last meal--sorry Jamie. But I have had fun making protein filled "dessert" like meals. 

Such as Greek yogurt with some honey, fresh strawberries and a tbs or two of 70% dark chocolate chips. 

Or my all time favorite: Mock-Wendy's Frosty Protein shake
This will rock your world. 
3/4 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk 
1 packet truvia (or stevia) or sweetener of choice
1 heaping tbs of cocoa powder
 (more if you want it more chocolatey)
1 scoop vanilla protein powder
8-10 ice cubes (this is key to making it a frosty) 
Blend a heavy duty blender 
(I did this in my cup blender and broke it. sad day)  
 Enjoy your seriously delicious healthy protein packed dessert shake.

Alright, so Phase 3 is next and things are going to be different. 
I recently got a Lead in a Musical (ANNIE GET YOUR GUN) so rehearsals will be taking up my evenings for the next 10 weeks which puts a damper on my workout times. So I've decided to drag phase 3 out and only work out 3 times a week attempting to doubling up work outs on those days. 
It is not going to be easy but I am determined to stick with it and finish this trainer.
I'll still maintain the diet laid out, which I LOVE, and will try my hardest to keep it for the remainder of my life. 

I love being a healthy and strong woman. 
Who's with me?

Here's to the long haul. 

Wanna read more about my journey through LiveFit Trainer? 
CLICK HERE and scroll down.

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