Sunday, May 12, 2013

LiveFit Update (a.k.a.Phase 2 Week 8)

Well... I was in a car accident.

A pretty bad one;  
actually coming home from the gym...

I totaled my car and badly banged up my knees

How did this happen?!? 

Well it was snowing in May....really... MAY!

 I miss you so cal, I miss you.

 Praise be to God, I am alright and no one was badly hurt.
Sad thing? 
I had to put a  little hold on LiveFit. 
Not for too long though.
It's been about a week since the accident and I picked up day 55 this past Friday. 

Since I bruised my knees pretty bad the doctor told me to lay off the heavy weight lifting the requires leg strength for about 2 weeks.
She did say I could move this up if I felt like I could handle it, but to go slow. 

Friday I was not ready, but today is Sunday and they are doing/feeling okay. 
Still look ugly--bruises don't go away quickly. 
But I think come tomorrow I will start up day 54 (I did 55 before 54 since 54 is legs) and finish week 8 and thus finish phase 2.

I apologize this wont be like my other posts where I give weight lifting and food advice, but I didn't want to leave the people following my journey, now and in the future, hanging.

I look forward to the new challenge and am excited to start phase 3!!!!! 
Pictures from phase 2 will come soon

** *UPDATE Same day: I should have looked into phase 3 before I posted this. First 2 weeks include high pressure on the knees with all those plyometric jumps
So I think its best if I repeat week 8 just to get back into the momentum. I promise to push my self hard.
  I got this!***

 My thoughts exactly:

If you interested in following my journey,
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