Friday, November 23, 2012

Stuffing Bread Cakes


The big Turkey-Day passed us by and hopefully it was wonderful and full of joy and good memories with those whom you love. Mine sure was.

My contribution to the thanksgiving feast was the stuffing, or dressing--what they call it if it is not "stuffed" in the turkey, I didn't know this.
So when it was wasn't all devoured...I MADE A LOT...I had to take home the extras.

They also sent me home some turkey and, of course, what do you make with left over turkey from Thanksgiving? Make sandwiches!!!

So I decided to use my extra stuffing and create a "slice" of bread out of it. It came out more like a bread cakes but...


Add some turkey and any other left overs and enjoy your mini feast.


Leftover stuffing
Cooking spray (I used my misto which is filled with water and olive oil)

1tbs flax seed, ground + 3tbs water (You can use an egg too)


Mix your flax seed with the 3tbs water. Let sit for 5 min.
Now heat small pan to medium  heat.
Grab a handful of the stuffing and place a plate or cutting board--any working space will do.
Spoon a few scoops of the flax seed mixture onto the stuffing. Get it wet!
Grab the bread and smush it together. It will get gooey, that is okay. Mold it into a "slice" of bread.
Since it is mushy it should mold easy, if not add more of the flax seed mixture.

Spray one side of the "slice" with cooking spray and  place that side down in the pan.
Let cook for 4-5 min.
Before you flip, spray the top side with cooking spray, then FLIP!
Cook for 4-5 more min.

***Mine did crumble a bit on the edges during the flip so I spooned a little bit of the flax seed mixture into the crack of the break and then pressed together the bread with the spatula. Worked like a charm***

Remove from heat and top with whatever leftover dressings you want!


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