Thursday, November 15, 2012

300 Ultimate Abs


is what I exclaimed breathlessly after completing this ab work out. 

But it was well worth it. 

This is not just your average sit up 1000000bagillion times workout and not your "only working your front- abdominal-area" workout 

This is a full CORE work out. 
11 workouts
1 set of 25 reps each
Have 15 min? 

Want to brag that you just did 300 abdominal exercise

Than check this chicka's blog out:KayciesAntics 
She has Pictures to go a long with every move 
 (They are not of her...) 
but still, a Healthy foodie's dream

So get your gear on and bust it out

Here is a List of what we are doing:
  1.  In-N-outs
  2. Bicycles
  3. Reverse Bicycles (concentrate on these)
  4. Crunchy Fog (these are the easiest for me...ODD)
  5. Cross Leg/Wide Leg sit up
  6. Scissors
  7. Hip Butt ups (really work your lower abs)
  8. Heals to Heaven
  9. Roll up/V-Up (THE HARDEST ONE!!! GAHHH) 
  10. Leg Climbers (I like this one, never heard of it)
  11.  Kayakers (row, row, row!)


Let me know how you feel afterward!


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