Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Rough Edges of Life 9/9/12

            Recently I have been in a really weird stage in my weight loss/healthy living journey. I was on such a fast paced, highly motivated edge when I was in college and getting ready for my wedding! I reached my goal weight and learned a LOT of wonderful things and was even able to help some friends along the way!

             However, now I am married (pretty awesome, I know) and living in an entirely different part of the country (the middle of it to be exact), with a full time job (yeah benefits), and trying to balance workouts and meal planning (please give me some slack, I'm really new at this).

            So what I've done thus far is workout at home,(where I live it's not too safe to run on my own and the safe places requiring driving to and I'd rather save the money for other INGREDIENTS for AWESOME recipes!), do every gym trial possible in my area (I chose the YMCA, yup. They have great classes and a money saving membership for lower income--ME!), and now attempt a 60 min workout almost everyday after work!

           Now, I am trying to eat healthy while feeding another who doesn't need to watch his weight (He's just a healthy really, he's mindful of what he eats unlike many-a-men who eat whatever/ will catch up to them, just wait) and maintain the weight loss--
maybe lose a little more :) a healthy, MANAGEABLE way.

Next thing up, I think I am going to try out protein powder. I think I will start out with Nature's Bounty Protein and see how it work outs. Why? you might ask. Because I've been reading some pretty convincing articles about woman and the lack of protein in their diets (especially woman who want to loose body fat) because of the false conception that its bad calories and unnecessary. (If you're in the non-eating meat family, they have soy and plant protein...yeah....but for me, the Meatatarian, I will stick the whey--milk-based--stuff ).

I plan to vamp up my workouts by adding more weights (already started by doing the Summer Abs Challenge and the Summer Arms Challenge...MAN THEY ARE SHOWING SOME RESULTS as I start week 3!) and of course pumping up the cardio! 

I'll let you know how it goes. 

Got questions? Just ask!


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