Thursday, January 31, 2013

Heavenly Chocolate Quick Cake

Alright my friends, stop everything.
This dessert, as the original Pinterest post stated, is genius, pure genius.
I give many hugs and thank you's to the amazing person who decided to put a box of angel food cake and a box of any other flavor cake mix together and microwave it. Genius, I say.

So yes that is what this quick cake is. Angle food cake, regular cake, and water.
Easy, delicious.......oh and did I mention...HEALTHY!
Yup, 105 calories a cake :)

Gahh. I can't get enough of this stuff. I love making those microwave, single serving cakes since my husband never has a sweet tooth--and I always do. They're perfect.

Now, the chocolate single serving cake I've made is delectable and healthy;
But this one, blows it and all microwave mug cakes out of the water for easiness sake.

3 steps. 3 ingredients. Really that's it.

1 box of angle food cake (has to be angle food cake because it comes with egg whites, the leavening for this recipe)
1 box of dark chocolate cake mix (or any flavor of cake you want!)
2 tbs of water

Mix the 2 boxes of cake mixes together.
Scoop out 3 tbs mixed cake powder and place in a large mug.
Add 2 tbs of water to powder and mix well.
Microwave for 1 min.


Top with anything you want: fruit, ice cream, whipped cream, more chocolate (my fave)

Nutritional Information
 Mix makes 35 cakes; 
serving size: 1 cake
 105 cal * 24 cabs * 0 sat fat * 2 protein * 0 fiber

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