Thursday, January 24, 2013

Brownie Bits: For your Ice Cream!

Ice cream can really hit the spot when you have sweet craving but don't want to feel weighed down by the cakes, cookies, and bakes. 

And now days, you can buy healthy ice cream, or better yet, frozen yogurt, with half the sugar/fat and never feel the guilt (just look out for the fake additives in some of them).

BUT, I also love ice cream with other dessert things in them...brownie bites, cookie dough, gummy bears...okay, I add those in myself...but really, having something to nibble on while you swivel cold creamy sweet ice in mouth is a wonderful experience.

But alas, those fillings come with a heavy calorie price that add up REALLY fast--No matter how healthy you try to buy your ice cream.

So I made an alternative.

This delectable alternative came when I was craving chocolate and ice cream at the same time (yes, it can happen)
In my freezer I had all natural strawberry and slow churned vanilla bean: two great combos for chocolate. However, I didn't have any chocolate sauce to drizzle and really wanted some more "bite" to my dessert.

So I made my bites, swirled them into a cup of the two ice creams and enjoyed each bite with a bit of chocolate brownie bliss.


1-2 tbs cocoa powder (More powder equals larger bits)
1 tsp + more almond milk
1 tsp coconut oil

Place all ingredients in a small bowl or cup and mix very well. The mixture will clump up but should still be gooey.
I popped mine in the microwave for ~20 sec.
Add more milk if you want it more runny.
Then plop mixture on top of ice cream.
Mix well.
The brownie mixture will harden upon contact with ice cream making each bite full of delicious brownie bits for you to enjoy.


                                       up next: cookie dough bites! oh yeah.

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