Monday, December 3, 2012



Alright this website is awesome...can you guess what it is? 


Its not chocolatecoveredkatie.... 

She is awesome and so is her blog which I am sometimes too obsessed with....





I know, I know. That was not what you were thinking.

But seriously.

They have SOOOOOOO much helpful information, tips and tricks, video guides, weight loss strategies motivational blubs, user forums, and SO much more.

Now I know what your are thinking,  
"Body building?"
"I don't want to body build."
 "I don't want to bulk up."
"I just want lean muscle and curves."
Well let me tell you, this is the site for you. 

They cater to every possible body type out there that you could want: 

But Woman,
(Men can too, it has some GREAT INFO) 
 I encourage you to read this particular article I found from them about the woman's body and how to find the perfect balance to help you achieve your healthy living goals. 

It's a long article but very interactive. 
It provides you, not only with nutritional guides, but also daily fitness routines and video demonstration and education. 

Before you pick up those dumbbells
 --because you should, trust me---



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