Monday, June 1, 2015

Good Morning Exercise

I am a huge fan of working out first thing in the morning. I always feel so refreshed and seem to make healthier choices throughout the day if I do workout early. However, I am not a fan or waking up before the sun to drive myself to the gym and back before work. So I usually go to the gym after work, so that I can destress from the day. Alas, my current schedule is not allowing me to go to the gym after work at the moment   So I tried to find a compromise and think this will work.

Pinterest truly has everything. You know that saying, "there is an app for everything", well I believe there is now "a pin for everything".

I typed in "morning exercise at home" and voilĂ ! I got hundreds of pins showing me just that.

I chose to pair a HIIT workout with some easy yoga and, man it was a great! I felt wonderful afterwards and ready to start the day.

You do this exercise sequence 3x total which is about ~15min. And then do the Yoga stretching for your cool down, about ~5min.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Good Morning Sequence unknown author 
After trying another workout routine, do this one for 30 days and then move on to another routine.

Morning Yoga by Mind Body Green
Check out the link above if you would like a more detailed description of each move. 

Good Morning Yoga Sequence (15 min) - CORRECTED and attributed to original source

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