Friday, May 16, 2014

Quinoa Turkey Sushi

Does anyone else love seaweed party wraps as much as me?

They are awesome. You can eat them plain or dress them up. Verity in my food is always a plus.
This dish seriously came as a last minute desire to use up some deli turkey and left over quinoa, oh and of course, eat some seaweed!!!

Honestly, I can only handle tempura sushi. Just not the biggest fan of sea food. But the idea of filling and rolling food in seaweed, genius.

So I give you these.

Super easy. Very versatile. Delicious.

So grab your fillings and make some rolls

~1/2 cup quinoa, cooked
3 sheets of dried seaweed
3 slices of deli turkey
6 cherry tomatoes
3 slices of cucumbers
soy sauce, optional.

*It helps to have a sushi rolling mat but if you don't have one don't worry, I didn't use one either.  *

Lay out a sheet of seaweed and spreed a spoonful of quinoa onto the sheet using the back of a spoon. Try to cover all the seaweed with your spread quinoa leaving one edge free.


Lay your turkey then veggies int the center of your sheet. 

Using rice vinegar or just water, moisten the edge you left free.
Now, fold the cover in quinoa end  end of the roll to the middle and tuck under your turkey/veggies.
Gripping the now tucked end pull back a little and then continue to roll forward using the palms of your hands until you make a nice roll.

Using a very sharp knife, cut roll into bite size sushi and drizzle with some soy sauce.
*Check out this sushi rolling video from Noms for the Poor. It may help my descriptions:



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